Policy of the safety

OMEGA-TRADE LTD is a modern Russian company specializing in the production of semi-finished products  for various food 
industries: confectionery, bakery and dairy.

The priority of our activity is the production of food products that are safe for the consumer, which meet the requirements of the regulatory and legislative acts of the Russian Federation, as well as the requests of customers.

The Company's management accepts the following obligations:

- to meet the expectations of consumers, the requirements of the Russian legislation  of food quality and safety, industrial sanitation and hygiene, in terms of product and production protection from deliberate threats and from economically motivated fraud;

- to increase customer satisfaction by expanding the range of products, while at the same time bringing the production to the stage of manufacturing the final product (chocolate, sweets);

- to ensure stable quality and safety of finished products, confirming it with protocols of periodic studies in accredited laboratories;

- to organize the production process, taking into account the works to prevent possible risks, and not to eliminate the consequences;

Successful implementation of the obligations undertaken  of food safety is achieved by:

- development, implementation and maintenance of the food safety management system at the enterprise;

- development of professionalism, competence of each employee, for which all the technological personality are constantly trained in the requirements of food safety standards;

- holding meetings and trainings of personality responsible for food safety, informing about changes in legislation, customer requirements, etc;

- strengthened work of the personnel service to assess the involvement of staff;

- development of effective cooperation with suppliers; annual documentary audits of the reliability of suppliers of raw materials;

- work with costumers, in order to study their requirements; a well-developed and operational scheme for responding to possible claims;

- ensuring availability of up-to-date information about the product, by maximally complete labeling according to the information content.



The food safety management system at the company is recognized ascompliant with the HACCP principles and the requirements of the FSSC 22000 certification scheme accepted by GFSI.

Head of the Systems and Services Certification Department of SGS Vostok Limited, the Russian subsidiary of the SGS Group, said: "Analyzing the audit results, our experts noted the ability of OMEGA-TRADE to rebuild production processes quickly according to changing market demands, while respecting safety standards, which provides the company a significant competitive advantage".